Travel vaccination advice documentTravel vaccination advice document (80,7 kB)


You can come to us for expert advice on your health, education, vaccinations and malaria prevention, all necessary for a pleasant and healthy stay abroad. We will take the time to set up an individual programme in regards to the required vaccinations and other preventive measures needed for your specific situation. This programme is based on your health and itinerary. You will also receive information about all the topics that are relevant for you.

If possible make an appointment 6-8 weeks before your journey to give us the time to advice and vaccinate you as best as possible. But even if you planned your trip last minute it is still wise to make an appointment.
Complete a travelanamnesis form (you can achieve this form at our office) preferably 1 week before the appointment and hand it in at our office. This will give us the opportunity to put your personal advice together in advance so we can concentrate on you and all your questions during the actual consultation.

We are registered at the National Coordinationcentre for Traveladvice (LCR) as Traveladvising General Practitioners. Because of this we are always informed about the latest developments and guidelines.

Do you have any questions with reference to the above please let us know!

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